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Internet Safety

Whether it’s a new gaming device, a SciFi watch, Bluetooth Earmuffs, Google Cardboard or the latest smartphone, one thing’s for certain, Christmas is inevitably going to be awash with the hottest new gizmos and gadgets this year.

According to Ofcom, nearly half of children aged 5-7 have a games console in their bedroom, rising to seven in ten 8-15 year olds. That’s why we’re all for proactive parenting and testing out any new devices beforehand, avoiding any untimely techno tragedies:

Make sure you’ve checked out the safety tools available on any new devices purchased for your little angel this Christmas. It helps if you are the one to set up the new device, that way you’ll feel empowered to support your children to use new technology safely and responsibly.

Remember just because it’s not a gaming device or smartphone, doesn’t mean it’s free from the World Wide Web. Devices such as media players, tablets and satnavs are all internet enabled and subject to the same risks.

Check the T’s & C’s for any new smartphone contract. What’s the monthly data allowance? If you’re the bill payer, how much will it cost if your child goes over this limit?

Talk with your child about safe and responsible use and agree a set of family rules. Remember the stranger danger conversation and don’t forget to chat to them about the fact that not all apps are free. Making a set of family rules could be a good way to agree what constitutes acceptable use.

The internet’s not all bad! It’s full of dynamic, creative and, above all, positive content. Remember to celebrate all that’s good with your child on their new device.

For more advice and support do take a look at the resources available for parents, teachers and young people on the UK Safer Internet Centre’s website: